Maintaining of peak power shifting to winter period

As the new winter period began at the beginning of December, the condensing power plants participating in the maintaining of peak power have shifted over to the starting readiness of a maximum of 12 hours. By virtue of the separate Power Reserve Act which secures the security of supply of electricity in Finland, Fingrid can start the power plants Kristiina 1, Mussalo 2 and Vaskiluoto 3 in order to maintain the power balance. In the previous winter period, Fingrid used the production capacity based on the Power Reserve Act on one occasion in early February.   The Mussalo gas turbine power plant is undergoing repair work which is expected to be ready by mid-December. The repair work does not influence the starting readiness of the Mussalo condensing power unit. After the repair, this 80 MW gas turbine plant will again participate in maintaining peak power, meaning that the entire peak power capacity of 600 MW is in starting readiness. The winter period will extend to the end of February.