Fingrid´s latest corporate magazine published

Fingrid´s latest corporate magazine has been published. The focus of the editorial is on companies investments. Fingrid´s capital expenditure on grid investments is growing from an annual level of about 40 million euros as high as over 100 million euros per year at the end of this decade. By 2012, Fingrid will build more than 1000 kilometres of new transmission lines and about 10 new substations alongside the expansions and renovations of existing substations (read more on page 3). You can read more on page 7 about the new Nordic balance service model to be introduced at the beginning of 2009. The new model will pay the way for a shared end consumer market which works even better than now. Moreover it will guarantee that all Nordic market players will be treated equally and transparently both in terms of the pricing of balance deviation and the cost principles of balance service. There is also an article about the research project which aims to study transmission line areas favoured by meadow species. Cat´s-foot, red German catchfly, bristled bellflower, maiden pink and many other meadow flowers were still common in Finland just a few decades ago. As a result of the rapid disappearance of natural meadows, meadow flowers have also become increasingly rare, and some actually endangered. Some meadow species have found new habitats in transmission line areas. These valuable areas are now searched in research project which Fingrid has ordered from the Finnish Environment Institute. Fingrid will participate in the Farmari Agricultural Fair to be arranged in Kuopio from 26 to 29 July. The transmission grid operator has a natural link to the countryside. Electrification and technological advancements have facilitated manual work at the farms. In the line with these developments, farming has also become increasingly dependent on the supply security of electricity. Fingrid´s duty is to secure the supply security of electricity in the transmission grid in order to keep the lights on also in the dim hen house. The article on page 10 describes automated functions of one hen house. The corporate magazine is published on this website as a PDF-file. If you prefer a printed one, you can send a request to Fingrid´s communications,  or order it here.