Transmission capacity can be reserved on Fingrid's cross-border connections from Russia

 Fingrid, the Finnish transmission system operator, offers to the electricity market parties electricity transmission capacity through its cross-border connections from Russia. As of the beginning of 2007, a total of 250 megawatts (MW) of transmission capacity will become available on these connections. The transmission capacity is offered to the electricity market parties at equal transmission and price terms. As of the beginning of 2007, total of 250 MW of transmission capacity can be reserved.

The transmission reservations for contract periods starting at the beginning of the next year must be submitted to Fingrid by the end of August. The contract periods can range from one to several years. The smallest unit that can be reserved is 50 MW.

The service description for cross-border connections from Russia is provided at Fingrid website www.fingrid.fi. It is likely that the terms and pricing of the transmission service will be adjusted from the beginning of the year 2007 to conform to the changed situation. Method for compensation of electricity transits hosted by European power grids (ITC-method) is currently being revised. It is envisaged that the new method will be put into effect within the year 2007 and as such it would have an impact on the costs due to and on the fees collected from the Russian imports. Also a bill being prepared by Ministry of Trade and Industry on means how to extend the availability of the peak condensed power generating facilities in Finland has an element for recovering a portion of the incurred costs from the Russian imports. In addition the System Agreement between Russian grid company FGC UES of Russia and Fingrid is currently being renewed which will also have an effect on the said terms.

Fingrid will confirm the transmission reservations after it has received an account of corresponding reservations on the transmission connection in Russia. FGC UES of Russia is responsible for cross-border and grid transmission in Russia.

Further information:
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