Transformer to be installed in Salo will improve transmission reliability

Fingrid Oyj will expand its Salo substation through 400/110/20 kilovolt (kV) transformation. The 110 kV network in Southwestern Finland will be supplied through the new transformer located at the substation, and transmission reliability in the Finnish main grid will also improve. A contract on the project has been signed with Empower Oy.Construction work at the Salo substation area will commence during this year. The substation will have new 400/110/20 kV transformation, 400 kV switching station and an expansion of the 110 kV switching station. The 400 kV transmission line passing the substation will be transferred to run to the substation, and a transformer transportation road to the substation will be built from the Karjaa – Turku railway. The project was subject to competitive bidding in accordance with the rules of the European Union. Empower Oy will carry out the contract on a turn-key basis. The contract covers engineering and construction, installation, testing and commissioning, and the necessary equipment and supplies. The total price of the contract is approx. 3.2 million euros. Fingrid has purchased the 400 MVA transformer and the so-called combined 400 kV circuit breaker separately from ABB Oy. A combined circuit breaker is now used for the first time at a substation owned by Fingrid. The construction work will cause busier than normal truck and machinery traffic in the area. The substation will be ready in November 2005. Further information:
Risto Ryynänen, Project Manager, tel. + 358 (0)30 395 5219