Fingrid issues guarantees of origin of electricity in Finland

Fingrid Oyj, the transmission system operator in Finland, issues the guarantees of origin of electricity in Finland. The guarantee is included in a system required by the RES-E directive of the European Union, used for verifying the origin of electricity produced. As of 1 January 2004, the guarantee of origin concerns the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.The Finnish act on the verification of origin of electricity passed at the end of 2003 and based on the European directive gives producers of renewable energy an opportunity to obtain a certificate of the origin of their products. Renewable energy refers to wind, solar, geothermic, wave and tidal energy as well as energy produced from hydropower, biomass, landfill gases, sewage treatment plant gases and biogases. The guarantee of origin of electricity covers production based on the above sources of energy, and that proportion of production in power plants also firing other fuels which is produced from renewable energy sources. Fingrid issues the guarantee of origin either monthly or every six months on the basis of production information supplied by the owner of the power plant. Issuing the guarantee of origin requires that an accepted production registrar has verified the power plant and that there is a service agreement with Fingrid. Initially, the system will probably cover a few dozen power plants. Further information:
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