23.1.2003 11:00
Press Releases

Fingrid launched EIA procedure for transmission line Ulvila Kangasala

​Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for the national electricity transmission grid in Finland, has launched the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the 400 kilovolt (kV) transmission line route from Ulvila to Kangasala in Central Finland.
The examined route totals 128 kilometres, and it will be located within the area of municipalities Kangasala, Kiikoinen, Kokemäki, Kullaa, Lempäälä, Mouhijärvi, Nokia, Pirkkala, Ulvila, Vammala and Äetsä. The primary option is to locate the line in conjunction with or parallel with existing lines. The EIA consultant in this project is Suunnittelukeskus Oy.
The EIA process starts through the preparation of an assessment programme, i.e. a plan of which impacts will be assessed and how the assessments are to be drawn up. The completed assessment programme will be delivered to the Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre, which serves as the contact authority and is responsible for communicating the matter through public notices and for requesting the necessary statements.
In January and February, Fingrid will arrange public events where the contents of the assessment programme and the line route options are presented. In these events, those concerned can present their alternatives and opinions about the suggested line options. Information on these events will be provided in advance in local newspapers.
Further information:
Erkki Partanen, Fingrid Oyj + 358 (0)30 395 5156
Pekka Ruokonen, Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre + 358 (0)3 242 0241
Hannu Kemiläinen, Suunnittelukeskus Oy + 358 (0)8 825 8223