6.2.2002 17:00
Press Releases

Fingrid renewing the transmission connection

Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for the main electricity transmission grid in Finland, is renewing the electricity transmission connection from Keminmaa to Röyttä in Tornio. The extension of AvestaPolarit Oy's steel mill causes a modification need on the 110 kilovolt (kV) transmission line running between Kyläjoki and Röyttä. The foundation work on the line started this week.One of the two transmission lines between Kyläjoki and Röyttä will be modernised. A new line will be built on the right-of-way which became available after the Alaraumo-Röyttä line was dismantled, and the line section running north of this will be dismantled.

The transmission line will be built on the expropriated right-of-way. Once the work is complete, there will be an expropriation procedure in which the right of use required by the transmission line is revised to correspond to the new situation.

The foundation work at the site started this week. The objective is to have the foundations ready before the ground frost period finishes. The transmission line towers will be erected in March-April and the conductors will be installed in April. Since the connection of conductors causes momentary loud sounds of explosion, the connection work will primarily be carried out between the hours of 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Potential additional earth connections will be made in the autumn after the harvesting season.

The construction work has been scheduled for the ground frost period so that it would cause a minimum of inconvenience to farming. According to the plans, the transmission line will be ready in May. Landowners have been separately informed of the starting of the building work and of the schedule of the project.

Additional information:
Antti Linna, Project Manager, + 358 30 395 5168 or + 358 40 522 7124