7.2.2001 17:00
Press Releases

Another main transformer doubles transformation capacity at the Yllikkälä substation

Fingrid Oyj is expanding its Yllikkälä substation situated southwest of Lappeenranta in southeastern Finland. The new main transformer will double the transformation capacity at the substation and improve the availability of the national grid. The contract covering the extension work was signed on 31 January with Fortum Service Oy.Construction work at the Yllikkälä 400/110/20 kilovolt (kV) substation will commence in the spring. Bays for the different voltage levels, required by the new main transformer, and a foundation for the transformer will be built within the substation area. At the same time, the remote control system as well as the 400 kV busbar protection will be modernised. The current substation area does not need to be enlarged as a result of the modifications.

The contract was subjected to open competitive bidding in accordance with the rules of the EU. Fortum Service Oy will carry out the contract as a turn-key delivery. The contract includes building work, installations, testing, commissioning and all equipment and supplies with the exception of the main transformer. The total price of the contract is approximately EUR 2.1 million. The 400 MVA main transformer installed at the substation has been ordered by Fingrid from ABB Transmit Oy.

The construction work will be launched in the spring and the extension will be complete in November 2001.

Additional information:
Martti Heinonen, Project Manager, + 358 30 395 5124 or + 358 40 519 5080
Jorma Heiskanen, Regional Manager, + 358 30 395 5600 or + 358 400 884 411