Fingrid Current

Fingrid Current 3 November 2020

The theme of the event is the electricity market and its major changes. We will take stock of recent developments in the electricity market, the significant changes that are coming up, and the perspectives of market participants.

There will be special focus on datahub, which is a centralised information exchange solution for the Finnish electricity retail market. The Finnish datahub project is well advanced, but there remains a lot for us all to do. What are our key current issues with the project, what are the expectations for datahub, and what have been the effects and experiences of datahub elsewhere? We will hear more about these issues and much more.

The guest speakers are experts from Finland, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

We shall send more detailed programme closer to the actual date.


Fingrid Current 10 March 2020

The Baltic Sea Region as a Forerunner in the European Electricity Market

Follow the event online 10 March 12.30 pm:


12.30–12.40  Opening of the Event
Jukka Ruusunen, President & CEO, Fingrid Oyj

12.40–1.10  European Green Deal and the Baltic Sea Region Electricity Market
Catharina Sikow-Magny, Acting Director, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Energy

1.10–1.40  Vision of the Baltic Sea Region's Electricity Market
Lotta Medelius-Bredhe, Director General, Svenska kraftnät

 1.40–2.10  Vision of Off-Shore Wind in the Baltic Sea Area
Taavi Veskimägi, CEO, Elering AS

2.10–2.50  Break

 2.50–3.20   Three Scenarios for the Development of the Baltic Sea Region Electricity System
Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj

 3.20–3.50   Towards more integrated Baltic Sea Region Power Market
Simon-Erik Ollus, Vice President, Trading and Asset Optimisation, Fortum Oyj

 3.50–4.20   How do the Nordic Regulators see the Future of the Nordic (Baltic Sea) Electricity Markets
Simo Nurmi, Director General of Energy Authority of Finland, Energiavirasto and Chair of NordREG

4.20–5.00  Future?
Jukka Ruusunen, President & CEO, Fingrid Oyj