​In all its efforts, Fingrid strives for neutrality, impartiality and transparency. Our operations are also guided by reasonableness. We do not take care of our stakeholder relationships in a way that could lead to dependence or expectations for favours in return.

Fingrid can support efforts for the public benefit conforming to its principles at a reasonable amount. The main emphasis in sponsoring is on research, education, culture and people’s welfare. Fingrid does not support religious or political activities.

Sponsoring and support application

You can submit an application for sponsoring and support by using the form below. Items marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory. All applications will be processed in approximately 4 weeks. Fingrid will contact you after processing the application. We do not receive sponsorship applications over the phone.

We handle the personal data you have provided us in accordance with Privacy statement for customer, partner and communication registers.