Responsibility management

We manage corporate responsibility as an integrated part of Fingrid's management system. Corporate responsibility is a systematic, targeted component of our basic operations and annual cycle of management. Corporate responsibility is part of our planning of operations and an integral, strategy-based component when we assess development opportunities and risks and devise measures for the subsequent year. Corporate responsibility risks are part of our risk management.

Fingrid's Board of Directors approves the company's Code of Conduct and monitors the company's compliance in operating responsibly. The Board is responsible for the CSR organization and integration into business operations. The CEO and the heads of functions are each responsible for corporate responsibility issues within their area of responsibility. Alongside profitability issues, social issues and environmental impacts are taken into account in a well-balanced way in all decision-making and when assessing operations. Corporate responsibility is co-ordinated at the company level by the steering group for Fingrid's finance and business development perspective, which is headed by the Chief Financial Officer. The steering group is supported by the company's business development working group, which is composed of development managers. A development manager is appointed to co-ordinate corporate responsibility work.