Responsibility management and targets

We manage corporate responsibility as an integrated part of Fingrid’s management system. Corporate responsibility is a systematic, targeted component of our basic operations. We have identified the material topics for our business and set targets for them (See Fingrid's strategic targets and indicators from the annual report). Corporate responsibility risks are part of our risk management.

We also contribute to promoting global sustainability goals. Among the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we promote the goals related to energy, infrastructure and climate action, in particular.

Fingrid’s Board of Directors approves the company’s Code of Conduct and monitors the company’s compliance in operating responsibly. The Board is responsible for arranging corporate responsibility management and its integration into business operations. The CEO and the heads of functions are each responsible for corporate responsibility issues within their area of responsibility.

Impact of Fingrid’s operations on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2016, we defined how Fingrids operations are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals published in 2015. Of the 17 goals, we contribute  especially to the following:

  • Affordable and clean energy. We secure reliable electricity and affordable grid transmission pricing for society. Societys demands for a reliable electricity supply are increasing and serious disturbances in electricity supply are the greatest safety threats. Our investment programme improves the reliability of electricity transmission. We also secure a well-functioning electricity market and we are forerunner in electricity market services.
  • Industry, innovations and infrastructure. We maintain and develop vital electricity transmission infrastructure for the needs of our customers and society. The extensive investments included in our grid development programme create jobs worth hundreds of man-years of labour for our service providers. We are actively engaged in international co-operation and innovation, developing future technologies for our sector.
  • Climate action. The transformation in the structure of electricity generation due to the efforts to mitigate climate change results in changes in the electricity system. We make it possible to connect new forms of energy production to the grid. We ensure the sufficiency of system reserves also in the future and prepare for a decline in flexible production capacity while at the same time developing the electricity market to meet the needs of a carbon-neutral electricity system. We minimise power losses that have a climate impact in our electricity transmission.


Our business also supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Gender equality. We treat everyone with respect and fairness in accordance with Fingrids Code of Conduct and we ensure equal ways of operating for both genders.
  • Decent work and economic growth. We do our part to promote technology renewal, innovation and resource efficiency. We want to be one of Finlands greatest workplaces, with a thriving work community as our pillar. We promote responsible business practices throughout our supply chain.
  • Responsible consumption and production. We ensure sustainable consumption and practices in our own operations and strive to set an example for others. In our power line projects, we primarily utilise existing right-of-ways. We recycle the waste of our work sites almost to 100%.
  • Life on land. We want to reduce the harmful effects of our power line projects on biodiversity, landscape and land use. We encourage our service providers and suppliers to commit to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Partnerships for the goals. As a transmission system operator, our operations impact many stakeholders and interaction for the benefit of customers and society is important. We combine our core competence with the best players and promote sustainable development and responsible practices globally through our procurements. We engage in international co-operation networks and sectoral co-operation as well as in research and development and school partnerships. We promote public-private partnerships. Fingrid is a member of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employments smart grid working group, whose mission is to look into the opportunities smart grids can offer the electricity markets.