Corporate responsibility

Fingrid’s operations have a direct impact on the well-being of Finns. Responsibility is a natural value for us, and responsible business is a strategic choice for us in pursuing our socially significant mission. For us, responsibility and sustainability mean that in securing a reliable supply of electricity for Finns, we are also taking care of people and the environmental impacts of our operations and complying with good governance practices.

Fingrid’s strategy and its various perspectives are the starting point for our corporate responsibility work. By operating responsibly in all areas we can best bring value to our stakeholders and ensure the acceptance of our projects by society.

We have identified the material topics for our business, which are presented here.

Fingrid’s corporate responsibility reporting is included in Fingrid’s annual report . The reporting applies integrated reporting principles, and, e.g. information on personnel’s well-being, occupational safety, environmental impacts and the tax footprint is always reported in connection with the responsibility area in question. The reporting is in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and reported data is compiled in a GRI Content Index .


Megatrends and key issues for fingrid's operations

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