Corporate responsibility

Fingrid's operations have a direct impact on the well-being of Finns. We understand how significant our work is for society and how important it is to ensure the responsibility of our business practices. For us, corporate responsibility means that in securing a reliable supply of electricity for society, we are also taking care of people and the environmental impacts of our operations, and complying with good governance practices.

Fingrid's strategy and its various perspectives form the starting point for our corporate responsibility work. Corporate responsibility is a key element in the implementation of our strategy and in our business expertise. By operating responsibly in all areas of sustainability we can best bring value to our stakeholders and ensure the acceptance of our projects by society.

Fingrid's corporate responsibility work focuses on matters that are important with respect to the company's basic operations. The matters prioritised for Fingrid as being key issues are presented here.

Megatrends and key issues for fingrid's operations

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