Shareholders' Nomination Board's proposal for a Board member

Hannu Linna

Education: M.Sc (Tech.), eMBA

born in 1955

Main position:

Board work

Previous positions:

Vaasan Sähkö Oy, Managing Director 2001–2018
Korpelan Voima 1994–2001
Mellano Oy, Managing Director 1992–1994
And many other positions

Previous positions of trust:

EPV Energia Oy, Board member 2001–2019
Voimapiha Oy (Indalsälven), Board member, 2013–2018
Vapo Oy/VapoTimber Oy, Board member 2009–2017 
Power-Deriva Oy, Board Member 2006-2018
And many other positions of trust

Previous positions of trusteeship:

Finnish Energy, Board member  2008-2009 and 2015-2017
And many other positions of trusteeship 

Independent of the company and significant shareholders.
Holds no shares in the company or in a company that belongs to the same group as Fingrid.