Wide range of tasks and development opportunities

Our varied field of operation offers interesting challenges and tasks. The rapid developments in our business and operating environment require that we employ a diverse range of professionals; innovative, co-operative and energetic professionals who are willing to change and able to see problems as opportunities.

We offer interesting, varied and responsible duties at a vantage point in the energy industry. The entire business of our company is built on skilled professionals. That is why we are committed to taking good care of our employees. This means good development opportunities, competitive remuneration policies and fringe benefits as well as high-quality services which promote welfare at work.

A stable company offers opportunities for career planning over the long term. Long careers are a common feature at Fingrid, but the retirement of the large post-war generations adds to personnel turnover. Our personnel plan makes preparations for a turnover of 20 per cent of our employees in the near future.

Fingrid has an average of over 300 employees, most of who work in specialist positions. There are interesting vantage positions in our expert organisation now and in the future. The integrating European electricity market opens up opportunities for more and more Fingrid employees to augment their international experience. In the development and orientation of expertise, the goal is to match the interests of the employee and the company, and there is consistent support for the development and growth of the personnel. An encouraging atmosphere supports continuous learning.