Independent work in a supportive and caring community

Fingrid’s organisational structure is low and all our employees have the chance to make their voices heard. Our corporate culture supports openness and cooperation.

Each Fingrid employee independently takes care of their own tasks and areas of responsibility. The role of supervisors is to act more as coaches than watchdogs. Independent work empowers and inspires.

In top-class jobs, interaction is open. It’s also like that with us! Fingrid employees participate in discussion and are ready to help and support each other. Our personnel actively respond to personnel surveys and, based on the themes that emerge from them, together we have developed new kinds of working hours models and have improved work organisation. 

Fingrid employees are encouraged to engage in fruitful activity and to develop their work through competitive salaries and remuneration. The financial salary and remuneration system comprises monthly pay, a quality bonus and an incentive bonus. 

Our caring culture is evident in daily life as care for occupational well-being, a safe working environment, high-quality management, flexible working hours and support for leisure time and other recreation.

Daily life is spiced up by communal events and occasions celebrating successful projects and brilliant efforts. The content and themes of such occasions are planned together with the personnel.