Fingrid's English Newsletter is published four to five times a year.


Newsletter 4/2022: Updated estimate of the adequacy of electricity for this winter:  less Finnish production capacity available than expected >

Newsletter 3/2022: Updated estimate of the adequacy of electricity: electricity consumption has decreased – energy-saving measures must continue >

Newsletter 2/2022: Investments in the main grid rise to EUR 3 billion >

Newsletter 1/2022: Record-breaking wave of 
investment in substations  >

Newsletter 4/2021: Aurora Line, Fingrid’s most important investment
this decade >

Newsletter 3/2021: Environmentally friendly technology
in the Virkkala substation >

Newsletter 2/2021: Technical innovations are helping to increase the transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland >

Newsletter 1/2021: The energy revolution is leading to closer collaboration >


Newsletter 4/2020: Fingrid to invest a record EUR 2 billion in the main grid >

Newsletter 3/2020: Fingrid keeps main grid service fees unchanged >

Newsletter 2/2020: A wise energy strategist understands things at grassroots level >

Newsletter 1/2020: Electricity consumption almost unchanged in exceptional situation >


Newsletter 5/2019: The risk of an electricity shortage has increased in the Nordic countries >

Newsletter 4/2019: Entso-E 10 years: You ain't seen nothing yet! >

Newsletter 3/2019: The balance of the electricity system requires substantial forecast data >

Newsletter 2/2019: The flexible resource project progresses >

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