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Fingrid magazine 2/2024: Clean electricity is a competitive advantage

The second Fingrid customer magazine of the year has been published. This issue focuses on Finland’s opportunities for success in the energy transition.

The editorial in Fingrid magazine 2/2024, written by Fingrid’s CEO Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, describes the power system’s networks as the backbone of the green transition. She writes that the EU is already aware of the importance of networks and is considering multiple means of developing them.

“Finland has the most competitive network in Europe. The backbone of the energy system should also be a matter of prime importance to the country. However, dark clouds are on the horizon in the shape of a slow and unpredictable permit application process and a regulatory model that constrains financial leeway. We must make sure we can continue to develop the power system and the networks it requires vigorously,” she writes.

An enormous number of connection enquiries and investments in facilities such as electric boilers, data centres, and grid energy storage are currently underway in Southern Finland. Several operators are simultaneously replacing fossil-based energy with electricity, increasing the region’s electricity consumption. At the same time, combined heat and power (CHP) plants are being phased out, and their output is being replaced by electricity consumption.

“Many things are happening at the same time, on a tight schedule and a massive scale, exerting pressure to develop the main grid in densely populated areas,” notes Markus Talka, Customer Manager at Fingrid.

Some of the other articles in issue 2/2024 of the Fingrid magazine:

  • Solar power has a bright future. Interview with Elina Kärkimaa from Ilmatar and Jari Kottonen from Helen
  • An overview of a busy year in electricity markets and balance management.
  • Pump up the balancing power. Interview with Petri Vihavainen from Kemijoki, Jani Pulli from PVO-Vesivoima and Pekka Saijonmaa from Finnish Power.
  • Fingrid has a person on standby, ready to support the Main Grid Control Centre in the event of a disturbance.

The printed version of the Fingrid Magazine will be published for customers and subscribers. A PDF version of the magazine is available on Fingrid’s website, and the articles will be published in phases in Fingrid’s online magazine at www.fingridlehti.fi. The magazine will also be published in English.

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