21.12.2020 13:08
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Nordic Roadmap updated - 15 min ISP unchanged

Based on the latest reassessments and information, changes have been made to the NBM roadmap. The reassessment of the mFRR energy activation market has shown that the transition to the automated Nordic mFRR energy activation market will have to be postponed by six months. This transition will not affect the 15-minute imbalance settlement period schedule, meaning that we are still committed to implementing 15-minute ISP as planned. Read more about the mFRR EAM project here. 

Prior to launching the common Nordic aFRR capacity market, the NBM program will offer the possibility to use Nordic IT platforms for national aFRR capacity markets. Each TSO will make a separate decision on the use of IT platform for national markets and this will be communicated to market participants. The start of the new national markets will not take place before September 2021. The Nordic market can be introduced no earlier than Q4/2021.  

The implementation guide for the aFRR capacity market will be published in early January and a webinar will be held in late January. 

Further information:

Maria Joki-Pesola, Fingrid, maria.joki-pesola(at)fingrid.fi


NBM Roadmap 18.12.2020