Grid service fees

Our grid service price components include a consumption fee, fee for output and input from the main grid, generation capacity fee for power plants, energy fee for short operating times, reactive power fee and reactive energy fee (output and input).
The consumption fee is paid for the transmission of the electric energy beyond the connection point located between the customer and Fingrid. The fee is charged both for the winter periods and for other times.
The fee for output and input from the main grid are charged based on the amount of the energy transferred through a connection point.
The power plants directly or indirectly connected to the customer network (exceeding 1 MW net electricity power) pay a generation capacity fee for power plants.
The energy fee for short operating times is charged for the net production insted of the generation capacity fee in case there is an agreement on a power plant for short operating times.
The reactive power fee is charged based on the monthly highest hourly reactive power transmitted through the customer's metering point. Only the part of the reactive power exceeding the reactive power limits of the individual metering point is charged. Also each month, the 50 highest values are omitted from billing altogether.
The reactive energy fee is charged based on the reactive energy, which exceeds the reactive power limits, transmitted through the customer's metering point.  The 50 highest hourly values are omitted from billing each month.
Grid service fees 2021-2020
​Fees €/MWh (excl. VAT) 2021 2020
​Consumption fee,  winter weekday *) 8,80 8,80

Consumption fee, other times​

2,50 2,50

​Fee for output from the main grid

0,90 0,90

​Fee for input into the main grid

0,60 0,60


Generation capacity fee for power plants

158,33 MW/month

1 900 €/MW/year

158,33 MW/month

1 900 €/MW/year
​Energy fee for short operating times **) 3,20 3,20
​Reactive power fee Mvar/month 1 000,00 1 000,00
​Reactive energy fee, output Mvarh 5,00 5,00
​Reactive energy fee, input Mvarh 5,00 5,00 
*)   winter weekday December - February at 7 am - 9 pm
**) alternative to generation capacity fee for power plants