Grid code specifications for power generating facilities

A power plant being connected to the grid must meet Fingrid’s specifications for the operational performance of power generating plants (VJV). These terms and requirements also apply to the electrical equipment and power plants connected to the customer’s electricity network. The power plants connected to the Finnish power system with a nominal power of more than 0.8 kV are obliged to fulfill the requirements for the operational performance of power generating plants (VJV). This is to ensure that a power plant connected to the main grid can tolerate the voltage and frequency fluctuations caused by the power system, shall not cause disturbances in the power system, shall function reliably in different operating situations (including disturbances), and that the grid companies have access to the necessary information on the power plants.

The connecting party is responsible for the fulfillment and verification of the obligations, which must be taken into account in the agreements made with the suppliers. Planning and coordination of information exchange must begin in the very early phase as a joint effort involving the customer and the main grid company and possibly the distribution grid company. The connecting party must inform Fingrid of the type of technology planned for the power plant as early as possible. For example, if the plans involve using a generator type that has not been used earlier in Finland, it must be determined whether the generator fulfils the technical requirements.

The verification obligation is evaluated on the basis of basic data and project-specific information. The obligation is considered fulfilled when the actions related to information exchange and commissioning have been completed in accordance with the operational performance requirements. These are

  • supplying the basic data of the power plant no later than after the selection of the main component supplier
  • supplying project-specific information and commissioning tests related to the specifications which are to be agreed no
    later than three months prior to the start of tests related to the specifications, and
  • supplying final project-specific information related to the specifications and the commissioning reports which must be delivered no later than three months after the commissioning tests.

The monitoring of power plant operation is an essential part of the power system operation and control. Any deviations observed during the monitoring are resolved in cooperation between the power plant owner and Fingrid.