Grid connection fees

Fingrid levies a fixed connection fee for new connections to the main grid. The fixed connection fees are based on the average costs borne by Fingrid due to corresponding connections at the voltage level in question. The connection fees are adjusted annually on the basis of the actual construction costs of the grid.

Grid connection fees
Connection fees (excluding VAT), MEUR 2020 2019 2018 2017​ ​2016 ​2015
​Connection to an existing 400 kV substation​ 2,0 2,0  2,0  2,0  2,0  2,0 
Connection to an existing 220 kV substation​ 1,2 1,2  1,2  ​1,2  1,2 ​ ​1,2 

​Connection to an existing 110 kV substation

If a new substation is built for a connection in the transmission grid, the customer bears the full construction costs of the substation.​

0,6 0,6  0,6  ​0,6  0,6  0,6 ​

Connection to a 110 kV power transmission line

If additional transformer of a maximum of 25 MVA is added to the same power line connection, the customer pays a connection fee of 0.5 million euros for it. In case, the electricity transmission in the main grid caused by the substation does not exceed 25 MVA, a connection fee is not charged from the customer.​​​

0,6 0,6  0,6  0,5  0,5  ​0,5