Vegetation management

Annually, Fingrid clears an area of about 6,000 hectares of vegetation in the name of transmisison line maintenance. In addition to this, the company deals with 700-1,200 km of border zones. Trees are handled both directly on the ground through felling and by top-ending from helicopters. The work is done by selected service providers.

The planning of areas for clearance is done in an applicationusing a map-based approach. Sites that require special treatment and attention, such as conservation areas, can be marked on a map so that the information is expressed graphically to those carrying out the work. The intervals for clearing and changes to them are easy to do when the areas for clearance can be shown in different colours according to their cyclical and treatment periods. The user sees the clearance areas and work he has planned on a map. The progress of clearing work can be monitored on a map according to the colouring of areas based on the status of work.

A new feature that ELVIS is enabling is that it will be possible for service providers to view clearance areas on a map using an application available on mobile devices. Previously, maps of clearance areas from Fingrid’s system have been printed out for service providers. In future, it will also be possible to report on the progress of work through mobile devices. It will also be possible to report additional work using smart phones.

Transmission line inspectors will also use the same application for reporting inspection findings. All mobile information will go directly into ELVIS’ database, which is available to Fingrid’s specialists. This will make it easier to monitor the quality of work.

The main product in taking care of the above-mentioned is supplied by IBM.

Further information:
Mikko Jalonen, Maintenace Manager, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4176