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Transmission outages and connection planning

For Fingrid, transmission outages are work done at the same time as maintenance work or other projects, in which part of the power system is de-energised. For example, when building a new transmission line, situations occur in which the line is connected to a power system already in use and, because of the work, electricity transmission outage is implemented on part of the network.

Connection planning begins with a connection decision. Connection programmes are still done based on a connection decision. One decision may include many connection programmes. A connection programme tells the performer of the work exactly how the connections should be done.

As a result of ELVIS, transmission outages and connection planning are getting a new operating system. All outage needs for maintenance and investment projects are combined in ELVIS under the same system. This facilitates and increases the efficiency of the planning of operations. Previously, the comparison of information and work planning required the use of several programmes and the manual comparison of information using different lists. ELVI will also help the scheduling of transmission outages and connection planning. The Gantt chart introduced as part of ELVIS shows the progress of a transmission outage and its work stages in relation to the progress of the whole project or maintenance programme.

Bringing added value in ELVIS is the presentation of maintenance needs and transmission outage- and connections stages at a map- and diagrammatic level. Previously, maps were not used to show transmission outage and connection information. The visual presentation of the information using a map makes it easier to view the big picture, and to pick tasks as part of transmission outage planning.

The main product in taking care of the above-mentioned function is supplied by IBM.

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