Relay protection

Protection relays cut the electricity when there is a fault in the grid. Protection relays are located at substations, and protect transmission lines, transformers and other components of the grid.

Fingrid’s previous relay protection application was functionally limited – it used only part of the relays’ configuration information and operating parameters. In the new future application that is coming as part of ELVIS, it will be possible to store all the configuration information and parameters of the relays. This will give better awareness of the relays’ actual behaviour in fault cases. It will also further improve the quality of the transmission of electricity.

Another addition in ELVIS that will improve the quality of the planning of relay protection is the introduction of the Cape simulation tool. With the new tool, it will be possible to verify the protection function by visually simulating it in an easily perceptible way with an accuracy that means that each protection relay will trip exactly when it should.
In ELVIS, relay information will be available to all those who need it, such as protection specialists and service providers, centralised into a single system. It is easier for the end-user to ensure the accuracy of the configuration information. Previously, the information has only been available in a more fragmented form. The simulation function will also facilitate the work of Fingrid specialists and improve the quality of work.

As an additional example of functionality, a representative of a service provider carrying our maintenance for Fingrid will now get from ELVIS better source data about the relay protection before he/she goes to the substation. More precise condition information about the object of work will be fed into the system, so reporting about work results will also be improved.

The main products taking care of the above-mentioned functions will be supplied by Electrocon and IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH.

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