Network analysis

Network analysis is performed to study how power transmission network behaves in different operating situations and disturbances. Such analysis is used to ensure the safe operation of the grid and N-1-level reliability. Network analysis is also used to evaluate the pros and cons of investments, the technical transmission limits of power transmission, the loading of components and hazardous voltages.

A simulation model of the electricity system being studied is required to performs grid analysis. For example, with regard to Finland’s power system, the network models used by Fingrid include accurate models with voltage levels of 110, 220 and 400 kV. The grid models of Sweden, Norway and Eastern Denmark, the other countries belonging to the synchronised Nordic region, are also modelled in the network simulation model.

Thanks to the ELVIS system, a network model database based on the centralised CIM v16 standard will be introduced, whose topology and electrical values are automatically inherited from the actual topology and technical data of the asset’s primary equipment. Projects based on an investment programme are also modelled on a centralised database, and schedules are automatically updated from the project management tool. In the new system it is possible to download a network model from a centralised database for the desired point in time and loading situation for use in different programmes for operational planning, long-term planning and protection studies. A common network model is available in both node-breaker (operations) and bus-branch (long-term planning) precision. This harmonises the starting points of examinations and improves the availability of models.

With the ELVIS system it is possible, through an interface, automatically to connect a network model with real-time and stored measurement data. This is a significant improvement, which will enable, for example, the real-time updating of the visualisation of a network model’s calculation results on a map. The centralised network model database and simulation software have been integrated into the Asset Register and operating support system. As a result it is possible, among other things, to calculate fault location of a disturbance utilising an almost real-time network model and to calculate loadability ratings for equipment for fault and operating situations.
The main products in taking care of the above-mentioned function are supplied by Siemens and IBM.

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