Map service

Geographic information means information about location. This can be shown and utilised through different services, such as map user interfaces. Geographic information centrally located in one database in the ELVIS system improves the quality of such information, as ELVIS makes the information more detailed. On a map, it is possible to see the situation and extent of a power line project, and which part of the grid network the project concerns. The map shows not only the positions of substations but also their equipment, situation and other information. This schematic network modelling shows on a map, in outage planning for example, which parts are de-energised after connection.

The introduction of geographic information is made more efficient since, thanks to the centrality of ELVIS, updates only need to be done in one system. Information search is also made easier. Through ELVIS, geographic information is available to more systems than before. For example, in future it will be possible for asset management and project information to utilise geographic information that Fingrid has.

In future too, all Fingrid personnel using geographic information will be able to see the entire structure of the grid network on a map of Finland. Fingrid’s service providers, i.e. companies doing maintenance work and construction projects, etc., will also have at their disposal more extensive geographic information than ever before. The purpose is also to speed up the flow of information, for example in the location of a possible fault.

The main products handling the above-mentioned functions will be supplied by Esri, Schneider Electric and InformiGIS.

Further information:
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