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Maintenance management of transmission lines

For Fingrid, maintenance management of transmission lines is a continuous process. Every year, more than 10,000 defects of different sizes are repaired on transmission lines, which might be, for example, a loosened stay, a decayed  wooden transmission tower leg or a discoloured warning sign. 

Information about the present condition of a transmission line  is collected during inspections, explaining what kinds of faults are possibly arising in different lines and where the defects are located. Based on these, a work programme is planned for corrective actions and put out to tender. Every year, 10-20 work packages are put out to tender.

After selecting the contractor, the contractor receives the work programme in which all the individual tasks belonging to the programme are shown. Using ELVIS, the contractor can then record their implementation in the mobile system.. The idea is that, out in the field, information can be uploaded into the ELVIS system from a mobile device, as a result of which Fingrid will have at its disposal an almost real-time databank concerning the work situation and condition of the transmission grid. 

Elvis also has a function for performing a default cost allocation during work planing. A specialist from Fingrid will approve the tasks, after which the information will go to the service provider who can then send an invoice for the work. Elvis will allow us to eliminate excessive rounds of invoice reviews and approvals, since cost allocation will be made already during design and budgeting pahse.

The greatest individual benefit that ELVIS will bring through the future new system is an improvement in the ability to monitor information. 

The main products for the above-mentioned functions are provided by IBM,SAP and ESRI.

Further information:
Mikko Jalonen, Maintenance  Manager, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4176