Maintenance management for substations and reserve power plants

Maintenance management for substations and reserve power plants means the planning of preventive servicing and task management. The purpose is to schedule and prioritise work. Maintenance management also entails cost planning and corrective maintenance at substations and reserve power plants. Work programmes are prepared by Fingrid before the work progresses to being dealt with by a maintenance service provider. 

Other driving forces for change are the harmonisation of maintenance management processes and better cost transparency. As a result of the new system, costs analysis will be made considerably easier. For example, substations have never before received information about how costs are divided by voltage levels or between different systems. At reserve power plants, the quality of cost information will correspondingly improve.

Through ELVIS, service providers will be given a work plan with their work order, which before was a separate technical specification. This will also help in work monitoring, both for Fingrid and for service providers. Furthermore, as an aid to the safe performance of work, the system will automatically provide occupational safety instructions concerning the work order, as well as information about hazardous factors, precautionary measures and dangerous substances. Previously, instructions were available only as separate documents. The purpose is to improve the service providers’ knowledge of occupational hazards.

A completely new thing in the maintenance of both substations and reserve power stations will be the use of mobile applications. 

The system’s inbuilt scheduling tool brings outage planning and maintenance very close to one another. This promotes long-term planning and the availability of up-to-date information on both sides, so that the coordination of outage planning can take into account all maintenance needs.

The main products for the above-mentioned functions are provided by IBM and SAP.

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