On its website, Fingrid has presented disturbances as part of its public map service since August 2012. A disturbance in the transmission grid is usually a very short break in electricity transmission, which is automatically resolved by reclosure. Disturbances are mainly so short that the consumer does not even have time to notice them.

The personnel at Fingrid’s control room record the occurred disturbances in the ELVIS disturbance application. The recording and handling of this information is made easier through ELVIS. Aids to recording a disturbance are weather information and basic information about the operation of protection relays. In future, the application operating in the control room will be map-based, which will speed up the process of locating the disturbance. The visual method of presentation is easier for the user than a purely text-based application and also speeds up the process of resolving the disturbance.

In terms of reporting, Fingrid’s operating function, such as the specialists working in operational planning and control room tasks, have previously handled text-based reports in their work. With ELVIS, graphics are added to the reports, which facilitates and speeds up the understanding of the core elements of the reports and the perception of different grid network situations. In addition to reports, the new application can easily create different indicators, which can be used by company management to monitor disturbances that have occurred, their impact and the quality of operations.

As part of taking account of disturbances, ELVIS is also used for asset management functions in the company. When the grid’s topology is in connection with the asset information of Fingrid’s transmission grid, information about a disturbance is connected to equipment information maintained by asset management. In such acase, in addition to the equipment’s technical and location information, information is also recorded about possible failure of the equipment as a result of the disturbance.

The main product taking care of the above-mentioned function is supplied by IBM.

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