Asset Register

All Fingrid’s assets, such as reserve power plants, substation devices and transmission lines, are all stored in the Asset Register. Information about assets was previously maintained in Fingrid’s Elnet Grid Information System, which has been in use for more than 20 years. ELVIS is replacing this old system.

Operations are being streamlined though this improvement, so that information comes together from two different systems. Equipment-level cost information has not been systematically collected together, but this will be enabled through ELVIS. This will enable again more accurate calculating and assessment of life-cycle costs.

As new feature will it there be a possiblity to add information to different asset types as attachments. For example, service instructions will be easier and quicker to find both for Fingrid personnel and for service providers.

In future, it will also be easier to illustrate the connection between different assets, when more precise coordinates for the assets exist through the management of geographic information. In their work specialists can utilise the software to visually presents Fingrid’s asset data combined with asset condition and elctrical connectivity on a map.

Historical information about Fingrid’s assets will also be more readily available through ELVIS. E.g., information as maintenance history and grid structure history will be available. Part of this is also a better traceability of changes, i.e. information about who has changed information and when.

ELVIS’ Asset Register will also make it easier to calculate the value of the grid. Every year, Fingrid must inform the regulator of the value of the grid, the calculation of this value will become easier and more precise with Elvis.

One concrete example of the streamlining of operations is the introduction of mobile devices as part of the daily work of service providers. Through mobile information, it is becoming faster and easier to verify the accuracy of information. Through mobile devices, you can, for example, check whether the information about a site requiring repair corresponds to information provided by Fingrid’s system, and you can also use it check the fault history of equipment.

The above-mentioned function is mainly being handled by IBM products.

Further information:
Ville Viita, specialist, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4229
Mikko Jalonen, Condition Management Manager, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4176