Expropriation proceedings

The Government decision concerning an expropriation and advance take-over permit is delivered to the local office of the National Land Survey of Finland, where the expropriation proceedings are instituted.

The amount of the expropriation compensation to be paid to landowners is defined and decided by an expropriation committee, which is headed by an engineer of the National Land Survey of Finland appointed to oversee the proceedings. The other members of the committee are two trustees appointed by the local council. Fingrid is not represented in the committee nor is it involved in deciding on the compensations.

The first meeting of the expropriation committee is notified by sending a personal letter of invitation to the landowners. This initial meeting discusses issues such as the significance of the expropriation permit and the practical measures related to the expropriation proceedings and the construction of the transmission line. The initial meeting also deals with the advance compensation issues.

The use of private roads during the construction period is agreed separately. If necessary, there are road reviews in the presence of an outside expert.