Due to its position and the nature and scope of its operations, Fingrid Oyj is a prominent client in the transmission construction industry in Finland. This is why Fingrid must contribute to technical developments and increased competition in the industry, and serve as a trailblazer in its business in terms of occupational safety and environmental considerations.

The construction of a transmission line progresses in stages. In addition to Fingrid, the process involves numerous parties, such as the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of the project region, the municipalities and landowners of the project region and the Regional Council.

The purpose of transmission grid construction is to carry out the transmission projects decided by Fingrid in an economically viable manner. In grid construction, Fingrid applies a procedure where the actual construction work is contracted out to service providers.

Fingrid maintains solid procurement and technical knowledge and ensures the quality of the expertise, cost efficiency and end products of its service providers. Investment projects may also involve refurbishment work. The projects are subjected to non-discriminatory competitive tendering, and the successful tenderer is selected on the basis of criteria for overall economy.

In the construction of the transmission system, the company pays particular attention to environmental issues and to communications to stakeholders.