The bright future of electricity

The future green electricity system will be diverse, flexible and cost-effective.

The energy system, and the electricity system that forms a part thereof, will be green and low carbon. In this green electricity system, electricity is generated diversely through, e.g., hydro and wind power, nuclear power, biomass and solar energy. In addition, homes make use of microgeneration and stored power.

A bright and warm future is being safeguarded with a reliable electricity system that flexibly absorbs the power variations caused by weather-dependent, renewable electricity generation. Flexibility has been realised through a smart grid made up of electricity storages, flexible generation, sufficient transmission capacity and market-based demand-side management for electricity consumers. Electric cars, hot water tanks and battery storage operating in connection with solar panels are some examples of the energy-storing technologies available to consumers. Consumers have become active energy citizens.

The well-functioning electricity market has given energy citizens a reasonably priced electricity offering, and operators in the sector diverse services; it has also enabled the cost-effective achievement of energy and climate targets. Consumers can also make their electricity bills more reasonable by offering their own storage and demand-side resources for the needs of the power system. A well-functioning electricity market has guaranteed a foundation for sufficient electricity generation capacity and incentives for flexibility in the system.

A green, reliable electricity system is being achieved through the joint efforts of active energy citizens, a well-functioning electricity market and a smart grid.