Towards the future electricity system

In Fingrid’s view, the switch to a future green electricity system is crystallised into three themes: strengthening the position of the electricity consumer, developing the marketplaces in line with the changing structure of electricity generation, and the active participation of market operators in balancing the electricity system.

Combatting climate change concerns all of us, and consumers must have the opportunity to be involved in it through their own choices. In addition to being able to select their electricity supplier, in future electricity consumers will also be able to participate in demand-side management. An increase in demand-side management will enable the switch to a green electricity system cost-effectively and on market terms.

Electricity marketplaces must also be brought up to date with the new electricity generation structure. This means, for example, increasing trade opportunities immediately prior to the electricity consumption hour. Our objective is to create new opportunities for electricity market participants – consumers and producers alike – to participate in balancing a green electricity system. We believe that it will be possible in future to balance the system more on market terms, more diversely and in a way that allows consumers to benefit from their own flexibility.

Fingrid’s vision of the future electricity system is green, bright and reasonably priced. We are already on our way to achieving that vision.