Development projects

Our power system and electricity market are facing major changes. The increase in renewable, weather-dependent electricity generation, including wind and solar power, brings with it challenges for the power system, where the consumption and production of electricity must be in balance at every moment. Traditionally, production is adjusted to match consumption. Now there are concerns about the adequacy of power when there is no wind and the sun does not shine. An increasing share of weather-dependent generation calls for increased flexibility in the power system. In future, electricity consumption must increasingly adapt to production.

The transformation of the power system towards weather-dependent renewables requires more advanced electricity marketplaces and new rules to enable the markets to respond to the changed production structure. It is important that the markets prior to the hour of use enable active participation by the market parties and include appropriate incentives for balancing the system.

This page shows a summary of Fingrid's electricity market development projects, the Datahub and smart grids. In addition to these, Fingrid participates in market development projects in the Baltic Sea region and on the European level.

This page shows a summary of information on electricity market development projects, the datahub and smart grids published by Fingrid.

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