ECP Messaging

What is ECP?

ECP, or Energy Communication Platform, is an information exchange platform designed and maintained by ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. It offers a secure and reliable way for exchanging electronic messages between transmission system operators and other market participants. ECP is based on the Market Data Exchange Standards (MADES), which ensures that the information sent can only be read by the intended recipient.

A market participant can start using ECP by setting up a so-called ECP endpoint, which is registered into Fingrid’s ECP-network. Furthermore, the market participant requires a company specific EIC-X code as well as an EIC-V code for the endpoint they have established. These codes are used in the messaging for identifying the correct sender/receiver and restricting who can access the information. Instructions for applying for EIC-X and EIC-V codes can be found here. A prerequisite for ECP implementation is that the market participant has ECP endpoints for both testing and production use.

ECP at Fingrid

At Fingrid, the deployment of ECP has been done in stages. Currently, through ECP it is possible to:

  • Submit bids on FCR-N, FCR-D and FFR-markets
  • Receive accepted bids on FCR-N, FCR-D and FFR-markets
  • Submit balancing energy bids on mFRR-market
  • Receive activation requests as well as accept activations on the mFRR-market

The use of ECP is constantly extended at Fingrid. ECP will be the main method for communication on the upcoming Nordic mFRR- and aFRR markets and later on the European marketplaces (MARI & PICASSO). Therefore, we also encourage BSP’s to implement ECP messaging.

Seven steps for ECP implementation

  1. Contact the persons mentioned on this website by email or phone, they will initiate the ECP implementation process
  2. Apply for EIC-X and EIC-V codes according to the instruction given. Be aware that you need at least two EIC-V codes, one for the test endpoint and one for the production endpoint
  3. Follow the instructions provided by Fingrid regarding the necessary firewall openings
  4. Download the ECP installation package from ENTSO-E-website and install ECP according to the installation guide provided by Fingrid.
  5. Registration of the ECP-endpoint
  6. Connectivity checks and tests in the test environment
  7. When messaging works in the test environment, the operation can be moved to production. This requires some additional firewall openings and registration of the production endpoint


The implementation process is described more in detail in the attachment “Fingrid ECP implementation process”. In addition, instructions regarding the message formats as well as some example messages can be found under attachments.

What is EDX?

The EDX-toolbox is an extension of the ECP-endpoint that enables the publication of services, among other things. A Nordic TSO can publish services in the EDX service catalogue, which can be then utilized by the market participant/customer through their own EDX-toolbox.