Introduction of new technical requirements for frequency containment reserves

For several years Nordic TSOs have been developing new technical requirements for Frequency Containment Reserve for Normal Operation (FCR-N) and Frequency Containment Reserve for Disturbances (FCR-D). The aim with the new technical requirements is to harmonize the requirements in Nordic countries and to upgrade the requirements to meet the needs of the changing power system. 

The most essential feature of the new requirements is the requirement for stability and performance of the reserve providing entity. The performance requirement ensures that the reserve providing entity can react fast enough to the changes in the system frequency. The stability requirement ensures that no uncontrollable oscillation is caused in the system frequency. 

The new technical requirements and prequalification process were tested on reserve providing entities during a pilot phase in 2021. The pilot phase was carried out in all Nordic countries and included various technologies. The technical requirements were updated based on experience gained in the pilot and stakeholder feedback. The Nordic TSOs have started the regulatory approval process of the new requirements. Implementation of the new requirements is planned to start in 2023.

The new technical requirements are described in the document Technical Requirements for Frequency Containment Reserve Provision in the Nordic Synchronous Area, see Attachments.



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