Determination of the available cross-border transmission capacity

The determination of the available transmission capacity for next operating day and the handling and confirmation of the daily hour by hour transmission program are scheduled in a timely manner to meet our market actors need to take their import capacity into account in the physical trade in the Nordic electricity exchange.

The available hour by hour transmission capacity is determined daily by assessing the status of the production, consumption and transmission of electricity in the power system. More information about the determined amount of hour by hour cross-border transmission capacity for next operating day can be read on our company's website.

Balance management

One of the main responsibilities in our cross-border services is to manage the power balance between Finland and Russia on the Finnish side of the border. We are also responsible for the trade of regulation power and balance power during their operating hours.

In the balance management the bilateral trade means delivering electricity on the basis of the import program usually ordered and confirmed in advance by the customer. The customer's import program is verified by Fingrid on the day preceeding the operating day in accordance with the import program confirmed by the Russian Federal Grid Company JSC FGC UES.

The delivery point of the imported electricity is the Finnish main grid.


Fingrid reserves the right to restrict the transmission service for the needs of securing the management of the power system as well as in the event of disorders in the grid on the Russian or Finnish side of the border and during other outages affecting the transmission capacity of the connection.

The available transmission capacity from Russia to Finland may be impacted by faults in the power system, by maintenance outages or by malfunction in the electricity production and transmission in Russian or Finnish side of the border. The scheduling of the planned outages e.g. annual maintenance and their schedule on the Russian cross-border connections will be agreed in cooperation with the Russian Federal Grid Company JSC FGC UES. Fingrid will inform the customers duly in advance about the possible import limitations during the planned outages.

In case of fault, outage or in other unexpected circumstances imposing limitation needs Fingrid will notify the customers of the start and ending time of the limitation of electricity import. During the time of limitation the import programs of bilateral trade of our customers are adjusted equally proportionally. If the adjustments of the bilateral trade are not sufficient, the import programs of direct trade will be adjusted. The electricity import during the limited operating hours will be reconfirmed after the hours of limitation.