Cross-border Connections between Russia and Finland

Fingrid offers transmission service from Russia on the 400 kV cross-border connections according to the valid agreements. The commercial transmission capacity from Russia to Finland is 1300 megawatts and 320 MW from Finland to Russia.
The cross-border service is based on the agreements between the Federal Grid Company of United Power System (JSC FGC UES), the Russian System Operator (SO UPS, JSC) and Fingrid. The technical terms of the cross-border power lines are defined in the Intersystem Agreement, the operational terms in the Operation Agreement, measurement terms in the Agreement of Electricity Metering and Accounting and the commercial terms are specified in the Agreement of Capacity Allocation.
The Customer and the Fingrid agree on the terms of the electricity transmission in a transmission service agreement, which is based on the agreements mentioned above. The transmission service agreement can be signed between the Customer and Fingrid when the Customer has a valid power trade agreement with Russian trader.
There are two modes of power trade between Russia and Finland: bilateral trade and so called direct trade. Fingrid and the Russian parties confirm the bilateral trade volumes for the next commercial day D+1 on the morning of the previous day D. The confirmed trade volumes have to be bidden onto the day-ahead market and intraday market of the Power Exchange. The volumes of the direct trade are determined by the given bids on the day-ahead market and intraday market of the Power Exchange and the corresponding Russian power markets.

Transmission service agreements in year 2021

Customer​ Capacity RU-FI (MW)​ Capacity FI-RU (MW)​
RAO Nordic Oy 1000 ​130
Direct trade capacity ​ 300 190