Management of power shortage

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A balance between electricity production and consumption is continiously maintained in the power system. Power shortage is called a situation where electricity production and import can not cover consumption.

Fingrid uses a three-step procedure when balance between electricity consumption and production is tightening:

1. Strained power balance

If production and consumption forecasts show that production and import may not cover the consumption in the Finnish power system during the next few hours, Fingrid will send a notice of strained power balance to balance responsible parties.

In such a situation, balance responsible parties shall pay particular attention to the planning of their production and consumption and prepare to the situation.

2. Power shortage

A power shortage is deemed to have occurred when fast disturbance reserves have been activated for balance management purposes. Capability of power system to stand for failures is reduced.

3. Serious power shortage

A serious power shortage is deemed to have occurred when all the power reserves are in use and in addition to Fingrid has to restrict consumption to secure the function of power system. Fingrid will contact the local network operators to take necessary action to restrict loads according to the beforehand prepared plans.