EDIELfi service portal

The portal for data exchange on electricity retail market

Fingrid's information exchange services can be found from EDIELfi service portal .

EDIELfi provides services such as contact information table, latest news and press releases, technical instructions related to information exchange required for electricity trade and a lot of information about other services provide by Fingrid's information exchange services.

The service portal is open to all, and for all the companies that have entered into the agreement on information exchange services are offered a wider service range. The information exchange services’ customers have informed their company's EDIELfi administrator to Fingrid, the company administrator creates user accounts for the new users among the company.

The portal also contains datahub pages, which include e.g. datahub documentation, instructions, training materials, datahub newsletters and workgroup meeting memos.

You can send questions or feedback through the portal or directly by e-mail in information exchanges matters to tiedonvaihto@fingrid.fi and in datahub matters to datahub@fingrid.fi. Via portal you can also send feedback anonymously.


Kerttu Korpelainen

tel. +358 30 395 5238

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