Datahub will speed up, simplify and improve processes for every market party in electricity information exchange. The centralized solution provides all parties with equal and simultaneous access to the information.

The Datahub market processes ensure that the information from the Datahub is delivered in a secure way between market parties. It has been taken especially in to account that the data is delivered only to a market party who is entitled to the data.

Fingrid Datahub

Datahub is a centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market. Datahub is a database for measurement, customer and metering point information used by market parties to submit and retrieve information needed for their market processes.



Datahub will take care of all information exchange in electricity retail market in the future when customers change their supplier or when they move into a new address. The supplier gets all the information needed right away in the process from datahub. The supplier sends in the new contract information into the datahub and that information is send out to the Distribution System Operator (DSO). Datahub will inform the DSO if it is a move in or a supplier change and whether the customer needs a new grid contract or not. All the information that the DSO needs will be received through the datahub. The supplier is responsible for the customer information. If the supplier sends in a change in customer information, the changed information will be then send out to all market parties who are entitled to this information.

DSO is responsible for the information of the accounting points and metering data. Datahub receives the metering data from the DSOs and sends it out to the supplier and possible third party who has the authorization from the customer to this data. Metering data will be delivered in hourly or 15 minutes resolution in accordance with valid imbalance settlement period.

Datahub delivers the information in the disconnection and connection processes. This way datahub has the accurate information of the connection situation at all times.

In the future datahub takes care of the DSO's imbalance settlement and balance corrections. Datahub ensures that all the information needed is delivered to eSett according to the new Nordic Balance Settlement model.

Datahub has the DSOs product information in the future. In order for suppliers to be able to make an electricity sales agreement with a product that corresponds to the accounting point grid service product, the DSOs must maintain the data for their own transmission products. If desired, operators can communicate invoice row information via datahub. This enables the customer to get only one invoice that has both energy and transmission fees.

Customers can authorize a datahub party to use their information for a specific purpose. One example is services that need the information of the customer's consumption. These service providers must have an agreement with datahub, after which they receive user rights to the datahub system interfaces. Customers can see the companies, information and time periods for which authorizations have been granted and they are able to take away the authorizations.

The process document "Electricity retail market business processes in datahub" describes in details how the processes are run in the datahub system. All the documentation related to the datahub can be found from EDIELfi portal’s datahub pages.


Asta Sihvonen-Punkka

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Chief Executive Officer, Datahub Oy
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Pasi Aho

Manager, Fingrid Datahub
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