Industry Cooperation

Datahub is being developed in close cooperation with actors in the energy industry. As the project moves forward, we will convene various work groups to plan the functionalities of the centralised system.

There will be possibly requests to change the defined documentation during the datahub project. The change requests can come from different directions for example from the market, from authority or from the project itself. To evaluate the requested changes Fingrid needed a task force from the industry. Therefore, Fingrid requested Energy Industry to nominate a group of experts equally from both electricity sellers and network distributor's side. Energy Industry nominated 10 candidates that Fingrid approved to Information conversation work group.

Datahub's business processes and requirements on the quality of information bring changes and tasks for all parties in the electricity retail market. The information conversion work group defines data transfer formats, processes and tools for the delivery of information. The aim is to ensure that different application changes and implementations in current industry information systems will be taken into account in the correct manner.

Systematic introduction of the datahub is necessary for the industry’s critical business processes’ successful transformation to a new information exchange environment. The introduction of centralized data exchange system demands from the industry & datahub project, careful planning, preparation, examination of the work required by the business processes from a new perspective, close cooperation and communication. To underpin this work, Fingrid asked the Finnish Energy to appoint four representatives among the industry to participate in Fingrid’s datahub introduction planning group.

Close cooperation between different interest groups is essential for the success of the project. To support this task, a follow-up group will be appointed for the entire duration of the project. The follow-up group will closely monitor the project's progress and present its views on matters relating to the industry/interest groups. The group will promote the achievement of the project's goals and increase interest groups' awareness of the project's progress.
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The development group for electricity market information exchange

The development group for electricity market information exchange is an advisory committee working in conjunction with Fingrid. The purpose of the group is to promote the efficient, equal and fair exchange of information.
Fingrid steers the development group for electricity market information exhange and provides it with meeting premises. Fingrid appoints the members of the development group. The targeted composition of the development group comprises representatives of electricity supplier companies, distribution grid owners, Finnish Energy (Energiateolisuus ry =the Board of Finnish Energy Industries), system providers and other industry service providers. The group membership is subject to annual rotation. The number of members to be replaced each year is defined separately for each rotation, depending on the electricity market parties' desire to participate. In addition, the continuity of the group's work is taken into account, which means that not all members are replaced at once.

Electricity market parties and other interest groups are entitled to submit questions, feedback and development suggestions related to Fingrid's information exchange systems to the development group. The group processes all contacts. Members of the development group offer their professional input regarding the matter at hand and, if required, a suggestion of further measures to be taken. Fingrid has the responsibility and decision-making power in issues related to developing the exchange of information. Electricity market parties can express their desire to participate in the development group to Fingrid. The task of development group members is to evaluate the development ideas, procedures and instructions related to the technical communication within the electricity retail market. No fees or expense allowances are paid to the development team members and the membership of a development group requires the electricity market parties and actors to have a customer relationship with Fingrid’s Information Exchange Services.

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International Cooperation

Fingrid's information exchange services collaborates with international organizations and the other Nordic TSOs. The EDIELfi service portal provides information about cooperation between the parties in more detail.

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