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We offer an effective platform for information exchange for parties operating in the retail market

It is Fingrid's task to develop the exchange of information required for electricity trade and imbalance settlement as set out in the Electricity Market Act (Sähkömarkkinalaki, 588/2013). Fingrid's information exchange services are part of the electricity markets' information exchange environment. In order to develop the effective and accurate exchange of information, Fingrid carries out close cooperation with e.g. electricity market parties, interest groups, service providers, supervisory authorities, legislators, organizations which develop national and international communications and other transmission system operators. Effort is required of all electricity market parties to ensure a functional information exchange environment. 

As part of its responsibility for the development of information exchange, Fingrid also carried out an investigative project to broadly assess the exchange of information and related needs for development on the electricity retail markets. As a result of its investigative work, Fingrid presented Datahub as the electricity market information exchange solution for the future. A decision on the implementation of Datahub was made by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. 

The information exchange services are included in Fingrid's information exchange service’s service agreement. The Energy Authority confirmed the method for determining the reasonable profit of Fingrid’s information exchange service and the service terms and conditions for information exchange services. An information exchange service agreement will be concluded with new operators as part of the measures that must be implemented before starting up operations on the electricity retail market. 

Centralised information exchange system will simplify the information exchange

In Finland there are about 3,7 million electricity accounting points, where electricity is used. For each electricity accounting point, there is a lot of information in the distribution system operator’s and the electricity suppliers systems, such as the contact information of the electricity accounting point owner and the consumption information of the accounting point. Information on electricity accounting point and customer relationships has been decentralized to a different companies' own systems and information has been slowly exchanged between them. For example, customers change their electricity supplier around 400,000 times a year in Finland.

The centralised information exchange system - Datahub has been developed to clarify and accelerate this exchange of information. The system will improve electricity user’s, electricity supplier’s and electricity system operator’s actions when the data related to the use of electricity will be in one location and available to the all entitled parties in real time. According to a decree by Finnish Government, the Datahub go-live will be on February 21, 2022.



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