Instructions for new electricity suppliers

Becoming a new supplier in the Finnish electricity retail market?

On this page we have gathered a checklist to help a new supplier when entering to the Finnish electricity retail market and starting sales. The checklist provides the main points that a new supplier has to take care of before starting sales. In this case starting sales means the moment when the supplier starts to make sales agreements with clients and launches supplier-switching processes (for example sends a new supplier's notification message).

The terms starting sales, making sales agreements and starting of delivery should not be mixed. Time period from making the sales agreement to the starting of delivery has to be 15 days; therefore 'one week before starting of delivery' means actually 22 days.

Content of the checklist:

1. Get familiar with the existing instructions
2. Notify eSett
3. A balance service agreement
4. Service agreement on the centralised information exchange of electricity transactions
5. Test and certification
6. Notify grid owners
7. Introduction of the centralized information exchange system – Datahub
8. Cooperation with other actors and development


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