Datahub e-services



Datahub system (CMS)

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The Datahub system (Central Market System) consists of the Datahub user interface, other interfaces and the test environments. The Datahub system will go live on the electricity retail market on 21 February 2022.

Using the Datahub system requires that the market party make a service agreement with Fingrid Datahub and obtains a Datahub certification for its own business application. Using test environments also requires a separate agreement with Fingrid Datahub.



Datahub Support Service

Please contact us Datahub and the current information exchange services related questions via support service.
Our support team is the primary point of contact. This enables us to ensure that all contacts are taken into consideration. This also enables us to guarantee higher-quality customer service.
Our support system also contains a knowledge base that serves as an instruction repository for market parties.

Contact for support in using the service


Datahub Services portal

The Datahub Services customer portal acts as an information and material repository for the Datahub project. The service also contains all information exchange services currently offered by Fingrid. All Datahub material is available on our public website. The current information exchange services require the user to log in.

User management takes place via the My Fingrid service.



EDIELfi – Portal for information exchange on electricity retail market


The EDIELfi portal has been replaced by the new Datahub Services portal, and will be decommissioned during 2020.

For updated service contents, see:

Testing and Certification Service TEPA

The Datahub Testing and Certification Service enables market parties to certify their own business applications for Datahub before Datahub goes live. The public website of the service contains the certification use cases. However, the testing itself and certification require logging in to the service.
User management takes place via the My Fingrid service.




Data Migration Service TITTA


During Datahub Go-Live, data will be into Datahub from Titta. Titta generates error reports that the market parties can use to improve the quality of their data in their source systems. Titta also acts as the tool for monitoring the industry’s readiness for Go-Live and the progress of the data migration work.

User management of Titta is handled separately. Technical support requests associated with Titta must be sent from Titta to the service provider (Solteq), and questions associated with Datahub must be sent via the Datahub support service.