Transmission capacity and congestion management

A limited volume of electricity conforming to the system security criteria can be transmitted in a power grid. This is referred to as the grid's transmission capacity. Transmission capacity allocation and congestion management ensures that the power flows remain within the transmission capacity.

Fingrid provides the electricity market with as much transmission capacity as is possible without compromising the system security of the main grid.
Fingrid's Transmission capacity allocation and congestion management is based on systematic planning and predictability.

Transmissions planned for cross-border connections are determined on the day-ahead and intraday markets. In the day-ahead market auction, cross-border transmissions and the price of electrical energy in different bidding areas are simultaneously determined within the transmission capacity limits between the bidding areas. Any capacity which is left unused in the day-ahead market is offered to the intraday market.

Transmission outages which affect transmission capacity are planned cost-efficiently while bearing the system as a whole in mind. Transmission outages are scheduled for times during which they cause minimal disruption to the electricity markets and customers, taking technical boundary terms into account.

Fingrid's Transmission capacity allocation and congestion management practices are set out in further detail in the attached document.