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State of the power system



Consumption and production in FinlandInfo
- Hydro power506MW
- Nuclear power2,124MW
- Condensing power284MW
- Cogeneration district heating384MW
- Cogeneration industry1,193MW
- Wind power (partly estimated)80MW
- Other production (estimate)38MW
- Peak load power0MW
Net import/export1,981MW

Power balanceInfo
Production surplus/deficit in Finland129MW
Surplus/deficit, cumulative29MWh
Instantaneous freq. measurement50.01Hz
Time deviation4.21s

Electricity price in FinlandInfo
Elspot area price27.08EUR/MWh
Normal power balance
Helsinki 18 °C, Jyväskylä 16 °C,
Oulu 15 °C, Rovaniemi 14 °C
Latest update 8/2/2014 5:21 AM

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