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History data from Russia

As of 1.1.2012 commercial flow does not include information on other than the 400 kV lines owned by Fingrid.  Commercial flow before that includes also commercial flow of the 110 kV lines owned by other companies.

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Period: 10/15/2017 - 10/21/2017
Name Minimum Maximum Average
Commercial flow
-1,300 0 -499 MWh/h
Measured flow
-1,470 -47 -602 MWh/h
Transmission capacity
-1,300 -1,300 -1,300 MW
-140 0 -71 MW

Measured flow
Measured electricity exchange between Finland and Russia both via Fingrid's 400 kV interconnections and 110 kV interconnectors owned by other companies.

Commercial flow 
Commercial flow includes bilateral trade as well as Elspot and Elbas trade. Information is updated on day ahead bilateral trade before Elspot market is closed and Elspot information is updated once the Elspot reasults are public. Information on Elbas trade is updated before the operational hour. Only trade on Fingrid's 400 kV lines is included.
Please note! Information prior to 1.1.2012 includes also commercial flow of 110 kV lines owned by companies other than Fingrid. 

Transmission capacity

Planned transmission capacity includes capacity of Fingrid's 400 kV interconnectors from Russia to Finland and 110 kV interconnectors' capacity 160 MW.

Elspot-capacity confirmed by Fingrid.

Data gathering to Excel-sheet or XML format is possible in periods not longer that one yeear due to limitations in data transmission.
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Jussi Huttunen
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