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Finextra Oy

Finextra Oy is a fully-owned subsidiary of Fingrid Oyj, established to take care of the tasks required by statutory public service obligations not part of actual main grid operations or system responsibility. These tasks include the power reserve service and services for the guarantees of origin for electricity.

Through Finextra, the costs of public services are separated from the costs of actual main grid operations, so that the transparency of different functions can be clearly ensured. The Energy Authority monitors Finextra's operations and the reasonable returns generated by the services.

Finextra's objective is to take care of its tasks in a cost-efficient manner by utilising joint resources.





Jukka Ruusunen
Chair, Fingrid Oyj

Jan Montell
President & CEO
Tel. +358 30 395 5213,

Kaija Niskala
Tel. +358 30 395 5147

Telephone exchange +358 30 395 5000